All of the pictures on these pages were taken by readers of
The Acceleration Archive who have kindly agreed to share them with us.

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All of the pictures on this page were taken by Brian Ormerod and his late father Allan who was responsible for the 1966 shots (which are quite rare), and Brian for the remainder.
We will start with the 1966 pictures which were taken at the US Masters drag meeting held at Santa Pod.  The pictures were taken on Sunday 5 June 1966.  Brian also kindly supplied a copy of Autocar magazine's very interesting and informative report on the meeting which you can read by clicking here for page 1 and here for page 2.



And what better way to start than with two super shots of 'The Michigan Mad Man' E J Potter on his 5.4 litre Chevy V8-powered bike which he called The Widowmaker.




A nicely posed shot of Bud Barnes' Ultrasonic Top Fuel Dragster on the left, and Gil Mudrak's The Runt which was a double A Fuel Roadster.
Now then - who can name everyone in the picture?
In the meantime - feast your eyes on the close-ups of both cars below.





Al Eckstrand and Larry Arnold's Lawman was powered by a 5.4 litre Chevy. Larry was driving.


Al 'The Lawman' Eckstrand drove this 425 bhp Dodge Charger stocker and just managed to sneak into the 12 second bracket.


That's all of the US drivers, now for a couple of the British contingent starting with the late Allan Herridge in his Cadillac-powered Pulsation slingshot.



And here is an absolutely cracking shot of 'King Harold' Bull's tiny (but very quick) 1000cc 4-pot Stripduster rail.


The year is now 1969 and the camera is in the equally capable hands of Ormerod junior.



The late Tony Densham in the cockpit of The Commuter Top Fuel Dragster waits to be pushed down the fire-up road.




The Malibu Express dragster was campaigned by the team of Kevin Burrows, Bob Spence, Jeff Morris and Geoff Fardell.
The car lives on today driven by 'Crazy Chris' Hartnell in the Wild Bunch and re-named Backdraft (I have often wondered about the origin of that name but I am not sure I want to go there).



I am not sure who was driving Opus One in 1969 but here are a couple of good pictures of it anyway.


Colin Mullen and Reuben Johnson raced Invader which, at this time, featured a steel Vauxhall Viva HB body.  That must have taken some lifting!


The famous John Woolfe Racing-sponsored Whistler was built by the late Mark Stratton and driven by the man who went one to become a legend of UK drag racing - Dennis Priddle.
This car featured a Reliant Scimitar body which, fortunately for all concerned, was already made of fibreglass.


On to 1971 and Brian was back at the Pod with his dad's camera to snap this picture of the Hillbillies Fiat Topolino.



Marshall Dickson Racing's Good Vibrations Ford Pop was powered by a 6.3 litre Oldsmobile engine.



Motor Psycho was one of the best names ever invented for a drag racing car in my opinion.  It is great to see that it is still in use on the Gleadow family's methanol-burning altered.  This version used a 5.3 litre Olds lump.



Messent and Bishop's all-steel 3.8 litre Jaguar-powered Stripteaser Minivan.


Alleycat was another of the iconic comp altereds of this period.  It was raced by the team of Malcolm Beakhurst, Steve Gillian, Chris Wilson and Malcolm Watts.


The final year in the very interesting Ormerod family collection is 1972.
Freddie Whittle's Shutdown AA/FA.  I remember this car very well and it was absolutely immaculate.  Freddie fabricated the body himself from aluminium - some piece of work!
This was the first car which started me on my hopeless addicton to fuel altereds.



The Ison brothers' Wild Honey was Jaguar-powered and achieved everlasting fame when Corgi released a model of it.




Nobby Hills' Houndog Top Fuel Dragster driven by Mike Hutcherson in the foreground.
Santa Pod Raceway's Firefly AA/FD is in the background.  This car was driven by a number of people so it is difficult to say who was in the seat on this day.



Ivan Fryer's Ivan the Terrible 5700 cc Ford Mustang.


This fine looking Gordon Keeble was originally owned by Arnold Burton but by the time this picture was taken had been sold to his business partner Dave Riswick of John Woolfe Racing.


Steve Stringer's 3 litre Ford V6 powered Ford Cortina Mk I which he called Tune Twister.





The JWR Whistler passed to Steve Stringer in 1972 and he quickly re-painted it in his favourite yellow colour scheme.



Herb Andrews confirms that this 4.7 litre Ford-powered TVR Tuscan was raced by Bill Marshall.  The engine sure was a work of art although  it doesn't look as if good fuel consumption was a major consideration . . .

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