David Riswick is the head honcho at John Woolfe Racing
and was a pivotal figure in UK drag racing for many years.

The pictures on this page were discovered in the back rooms of
JWR's Bedford office and Dave has kindly made them available to
The Acceleration Archive for us all to enjoy.

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This was spring 1972 at the grand opening of the new John Woolfe Racing London shop at Staples Corner (Edgware Road and  North Circular Road).  This party went on into the afternoon and evening.



The line up from left to right is Dennis Priddle, Arnold Burton, David Riswick, David (Kid) Jenson (Radio Luxembourg DJ), Peter Stanford, Thom Marshall, Ian Messenger.  Don’t know who was holding the Champagne, he came with Kid Jenson from Luxembourg.


More pictures from the new shop opening.  Arnold Burton is sitting in Mr Six, Pete Stanford is smoking the pipe, Terry Axe is in the background and Dennis Priddle is wearing the white jumper.


These shots were taken at the Royal Navy Air Station HMS Daedalus, Lee-On-Solent, Southampton.  Dennis is running against Tony Nancy over an eighth mile, best of three match races in May or June 1973, Dennis won two out of three.  It was the year of the Petersen Publishing International series held at Santa Pod and various tracks around the UK.



Here is an interesting shot taken just after a bit of a downpour in the pits at Santa Pod 1972, I think that might be Alan Herridge’s Chevy dragster behind Mr Six.



This weird match race took place at the Custom Car Springnationals held on 22 and 23 April 1973.  Unsurprisingly Dennis took the win with 7.02 against John Whitmore's very off form 10.50/139.



Mr Six and Firefly at the Crystal Palace Custom Car Show in the winter of 1972/73.  I recall that they put a load of cotton wool around the slicks to look like tyre smoke.



Mr Six with all four wheels off the ground at over 200mph in 1972.  A copy of this photo was presented to the Santa Pod management who had always denied that the top end bumps were a problem.  A few improvements were soon made.


In the early 1970s burn outs used to be performed in what was called the bleach box.  Bleach was laid down instead of water and the cars started their burn out right up close to the barn.  Very noisy indeed!



Another fine shot by 'Powerful Pierre' Peter Quinn of Mister Six climbing up on its slicks and deafening the spectators.  It also  emphasises just how close the cars were to the crowd.




The next three pictures are particularly special because they show team member Tony Gane driving Mr Six in its Shell Sport / Radio Luxembourg 208 livery in 1973.



It looks as if Tony was enjoying himself.


I mean really enjoying himself!


Chris Powell (one of the team from Yeovil) and a BDR & HRA marshall pull Mr Six back into stage.  There were no reversers back in 1972 when this picture was taken from the Santa Pod gantry.





Dennis Priddle gets the left front wheel up as he blasts Mr Six off the line in front of a packed bank holiday crowd.



To us rather more mature fans, that strip of tarmac that separates the pits from the strip will always be known as the fire-up road.  Long before clip on starters came along the cars were push started down that road.  I well remember the sense of anticipation and excitement as the push car and dragster gathered speed before the hemi crackled into life with that wonderful cacophony of sound which once heard is never forgotten.
Oh dear, I was getting quite lyrical there.  Anyway the master has fired up Mr Six before a full house of fans who just could not get close enough to the action.


Dennis Priddle in Mr Six against Roland Pratt of the Hillbillies team driving Clive Skilton's Third Revolution.





A great portrait of a great car taken in the pits at the Pod.



Dennis Priddle is pushed back down the strip to receive the applause of the fans after winning Top Fuel Dragster at the 1973 July International meeting.


Meet Bobbie who was ace photographer Peter Quinn's exclusive model.  These pictures were taken at a car show in 1972.





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