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First Test



Here are a few pictures of Pat and Linda testing the car for the very first time.
I gather things got a bit exciting for Linda on the un-prepped surface.
Think swopping lanes - twice.


Left : the gizzmo on top of the bug catcher is Pat's patented gasolene (aka petrol) warm-up rig which is needed in Canada's rather harsh climate.
Right : Pat's extravagant towing rig.


Work on the body is going to be delayed until the spring as it will have to be done outside.
Pat tells me it is currently minus 20 so I can see his point!



Greenfield Dragway August 2013




Linda and Pat looked nice and relaxed, the burnout went fairly well initially, then things went rather awry, to put it mildly . . ..


Click on this link to see the YouTube video of what happened next, it is worth sticking with it to see the rather scary one-eighth speed slo-mo right at the end because only then will you see quite how hairy things got.
I asked Pat what had caused this problem and this is his reply "
The problem was two fold, a twist in the frame from the nitro day leaving the right rear heavier than the left, and a pilot who refuses to lift hence the rail (their last car) visiting the gravel trap on numerous occasions.  The first we cured by cutting the front off and rewelding it true and by fitting a new replica front axle.  The second - I wouldn't have  it any other way!  There is a story (now a legend, locally), when she was racing in Formula 2000 at Shubie she went off in turn 4 into the trees, the corner marshals could hear the Toyota screaming in the woods as she tried to back it out to rejoin the action - until they pointed out there were no front wheels on the thing.  Now you know what I'm dealing with . . ."

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If you don't think this looks like the dog's danglies I think you are on the wrong web site.



Work on the body has to be done outside and consequently it has been delayed by the harsh Canadian winter  but, as you can see, some progress has been made.

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