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On page 1 we charted Dennis' career up to 1971.  For 1972 things got decidedly serious when the team debuted this absolutely stunning slingshot dragster for an all-out assault on running the first 6 second run outside of the USA.
Things started well - at the Easter meeting Dennis re-set the top fuel dragster terminal speed record at 204 mph and ran a best time of 7.06 seconds coupled with a surprisingly slow 181 mph terminal speed.
The car is running without some of the front bodywork because the team had not had time to finish it before debuting the car.



Team member Pete Stanford beckons Dennis forward into stage after the burn out.



Dennis Priddle stands behind the rear slick of this posed shot with Pete Stanford to his left.  This shot was taken at a fete at Bradford Abbas which is south-east of Yeovil. 
I don't know who the lucky little perisher in the driving seat is but I wouldn't have minded a go at that myself.



Dennis pulls the 'chute after yet another quarter mile blast.


The new fueller is the centre of attention in the Santa Pod pits.



What a superb looking car this was - it just had to go well looking as good as this.



Back in those days they used to start the burn out very close to the barn at Santa Pod because it was believed that burning out over the start line would cause the track to be less adherent not more.  The tyres were therefore smoked in a restricted area only to get them warm.
This great picture of the car appeared on the front cover of National Drag Racer for August/September 1972.



At the Whitsun Big Go meeting held on 28 and 29 May 1972 Dennis blasted his way into the history books with a 6.995/185 pass which he backed up with a 6.93/208 run later in the day.  Click here to see a picture of the timing clocks showing that first 6 second run.
On the second day he kept up the good work with runs of 6.95 and 6.93 seconds which was more than enough to win top fuel against arch rival Clive Skilton.
This absolutely stunning shot shows the car in its final livery and records the new name for the car.


Dennis and Mr Six over-powering the slippery Blackbushe surface somewhat!  This picture dates from 1973.



Another great shot of Mr Six burning out, one of many taken by ace photographer Peter Quinn.  This was taken in August 1972 at Blackbushe.



This picture was taken at the International Sprint Organisation's world records meeting held at Elvington in 1972 where Mr Six re-set the mark for the outright FIA World Record for the standing start quarter mile at an average time of 6.70 seconds.



The car had three different paint jobs in the relatively short time that it was driven by Dennis.  This was because the team were trying to satisfy the demands of its sponsors.  This picture was taken at an NDRC meeting at Blackbushe in 1973.


Dennis is pictured receiving a trophy at Santa Pod.  Pete Stanford is on the extreme left of picture,then Barry Dufty (who was Dennis' Crew Chief until 1981), Dennis Priddle and Irven Axe.



From left to right : Pete Stanford, Dennis Priddle, Barry Dufty and an anonymous trophy presenter.


This timing ticket records Dennis' 6.73/185.19 pass on 24 September 1972.  It's a pity that Dennis did not keep all the tickets for that meeting because he did his best ever run in Mr Six of 6.59 seconds.  Don't forget - this wasn't an imported rail, it was all built down in the West Country.


Yet another new car for 1973 this time in the form of the ex-Norm Wilcox slingshot.  The original plan had been to buy Bill Simpson's state of the art rear engined car named The Skyjacker but the deal fell through.  The car was sponsored by Revell and was called, unsurprisingly, Mr Revell.  This picture appeared in a Revell brochure.



Dave Riswick recalls that after picking up the car they took it down the road to Ed Donovan's shop, bought one of his latest 417s, fitted it and then fired up the dragster in the street outside in Torrance, California!

A fine overhead shot of Mr Revell.  This car held the front-engined Top Fuel Dragster ET record for many years after Dennis ran 6.04 seconds at 218 mph at Santa Pod on 20 April 1975.


The Ontario pass was from a Brian Glockler / NDRC organised trip, the Orange County timing ticket below was from testing Mr Revell before competing at the Pomona Winternationals, and the NHRA patch was part of the entry material for the 1973 Winternationals.



A couple of unusual settings in which to see a Top Fuel Dragster - click on the pictures to read what was going on.
The picture on the left was taken at Pan Am's London office in Piccadilly when Brian Glockler was sorting out Queensway Travel's NDRC trip to the 1974 Supernationals.
The photograph on the right is believed to have been taken at the Press Day for STP's announcement of their sponsorship programme for 1974.




There's more to being a Top Fuel pilot than getting strapped in and scaring yourself witless, sometimes you get to meet interesting people too. . .
From left to right : a Womble, Dennis Priddle.
This gag was set up by the Press Officer of Radio Luxembourg who co-sponsored the meeting with EMI Records.  The latter's current no. 1 hit was The Wombles of Wimbledon Common which explains how Dennis got lumbered like this.



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Dennis Priddle was inducted into the
British Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2006.

Dennis was further honoured
in 2016 when he was inducted into the
International Drag Racing Hall of Fame.